24 Best Backless and Sticky Bras for Every Occasion

We all know the feeling when you find the perfect dress, but are then struck with the question: “what bra do I wear?” Sometimes, going braless isn't an option, and looking for the right bra for a backless, low-cut, or strapless dress can feel impossible — especially if you still want to feel supported. But, with new adhesive technologies, you can find the best bra for every piece in your closet. Whether you have a small or large chest, everyone wants a bra that will stay hidden, stay in place, and be just plain comfy. Also share the great products to your friends,  both of you can get a 30% discount. 

Sticky bras vs adhesive bras vs silicone bras

With so many different names, it's easy to get confused about what you're actually buying. But never fear: sticky, adhesive, silicone, they all mean the same thing. An adhesive bra is just the more formal term for a sticky bra and silicone is the material used. People tend to nickname sticky bras 'chicken fillets' because of how much they look like literal fillets of chicken... style, but make it edible. 

How do they actually work?
Sticky bras consist of two bra cups that have a layer of adhesive (to stick to skin) and are applied directly onto the breasts.

What are they made from?
Sticky bras are usually made of silicone, polyurethane, or a similar material.

Sticky Bras (24)

Can you reuse them?

Yes! By rinsing your sticky bra with water and leaving it to dry overnight, the stick should be as good as new. It's recommended to wash after every use to get rid of residue. 

How to clean a sticky bra?
Do not machine wash or soak your sticky bras in water, as this can permanently damage the adhesive - as can using a brush or fingernails to scratch the surface of the cups. Instead, run the sticky bra under running water and use the palm of your hand to clean them in a circular motion. It's fine to use a few drops of hand soap, too. Shake off excess water and leave with the sticky side up to air dry.

Some women love to go braless, but for the rest of us, we wouldn’t dare entertain the idea. But a bra strap peeking out of an outfit is not a good look, and with necklines constantly being reinvented with no regard for how a bra could be worn underneath, what’s a girl to do?

Get yourself a sticky bra. They’re a wardrobe game-changer.

But...you need a good one. Because you don’t want to risk your strapless sticky bra falling off.


"These were my favorite! I liked the clear top that could be cut off depending on your neckline. These had great coverage and stayed in place all day long. They were also easy to wash and rewear." — Katie, 34B


"This one was good, gave a great shape to my boobs and I felt free, almost like I wasn't wearing anything! After a couple of hours though, it did start to feel like it was peeling off on the bottom, which made me keep touching my boobs hoping they'd re-stick. I washed and tried again the next day and the glue seemed just as sticky, but I decided not to wear them because I didn't want to be touching my boobs all day long. I'd say these are great for a special event where you'd only be wearing them for a few hours." — Liesl, 32C


"I did not wear these out of the house. They're pretty thick and just made it look like I had insane, floral nipples. Maybe if I wore them with a thicker top or something padded it would make more sense, but...I will never unsee how weird my nipples looked through the dress I tried to wear these with." — Hannah, 32DDD


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