Can Wearing Shapewear Help You Lose Weight? 

Don't Underestimate Good Self-Esteem 

Think about a time when you were feeling good in what you were wearing. You looked good, you felt happier, it was a nice boost to your self esteem. 

Whenever we are feeling good about ourselves, the likelyhood of doing our usual self-destructive actions lessen. 

So you are less likely to over-eat, binge or any of the other many bad eating cycles lots of us fall into. You are more likely to go out and do something, which is far better for us physically than sitting in front of the telly eating crisps. 

Fitting into nice clothes also helps us psychologically . It encourages us to want to fit into MORE nice clothes, it boosts our will power to lose weight, get fit, get active and get healthy. 

Over-eating Is Impossible!  

I ummed and arred about writing this bit, but I've decided to add it in as it is true. Wearing shapewear that presses on your stomach, stops you from eating too much. It is the opposite of putting on a big pair of pyjama pants to pig out on pizza. For me, having something pressing on my stomach whilst I am eating just makes me more aware of when I am feeling full. And I would say eating too big portions is my main problem when it comes to my diet. 

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